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International Center for Corporate Governance

Founded in 2003, the International Center for Corporate Governance (ICCG) is a global network of more and 100 regional, sectoral, and functional governance Fellows who conduct interdisciplinary corporate governance practice and research projects. The ICCG is dedicated to conducting in-depth research and analysis on various aspects of corporate governance.

The ICCG publishes research reports, white papers, and scholarly articles that contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of corporate governance and organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster collaboration among professionals in academia and business.

The ICCG serve as a hub for interdisciplinary research, bringing together experts from various fields such as economics, finance, law, and management. This interdisciplinary approach enables a comprehensive understanding of corporate governance and promotes innovative solutions to contemporary governance challenges.



International Center for Corporate Governance


  • Prof. Dr. Martin Hilb

    Managing Partner

    Prof. Dr. Martin Hilb

    Managing Partner

International Center for Corporate Governance

Meet our Fellows

Regional Governance FELLOWS

  • China

    Dr. Tomas Casas

    Based in: Shanghai

  • Australia / New Zealand

    Dr. Tudor Maxwell

    Based in: Sydney

  • Japan

    Nicolas Benes

    Based in: Tokyo


    Dr. Trung Dinh

    Based in: Ho Chi Minh City

  • Singapore

    Dr. Marta Widz

    Based in: Singapore

  • USA

    Prof. Dr. Hugh Grove

    Based in: Denver

  • Canada

    Dr. Tom Sears

    Based in: Toronto

  • Central America

    Enrique Maroto

    Based in: Costa Rica

  • South America

    Dr. Luiz Turatti

    Based in: Sao Paulo

  • Africa

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Malan

    Based in: Stellenbosch

  • Middle East

    Dr. Samy Nathan

    Based in: Bahrein

  • Turkey

    Prof. Dr. Mehtap Aldogan 

    Based in: Istanbul

  • Central Europe

    Dr. Reinhard Gratl

    Based in: Innsbruck

  • Portugal

    Prof. Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues

    Based in: Lisboa

  • Italy

    Dr. Elisabetta Basilico

    Based in: Venice

  • European Union

    Prof. Dr. Marc van Essen

    Based in: Europe

  • Eastern Europe

    Dr. Elena Szederjei

    Based in: Zurich

  • Baltic States

    Dr. Markus Messerer

    Based in: Stockholm

  • Luxembourg

    Rita Knott

    Based in: Luxembourg

  • Germany

    Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller

    Based in: Augsburg / St. Gallen

  • Nordic Europe

    Dr. Gian Carlo Sciuchetti

    Based in: Berlin

  • France

    Prof. Michael Segalla Ph.D.

    Based in: Paris

  • United Kingdom

    Prof. Dr. Laura Spira

    Based in: Oxford

  • Ireland

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Malan

    Based in: Dublin

  • C Level Network

    Stephanie Schoss

    Based in: Feusisberg

  • Governance for Country Competitiveness

    Prof. Harry Bergsteiner

    Based in: Sydney

  • Globally Responsible Leadership

    Prof. Dr. Nicola Pless

    Based in: (University of South Australia)

  • Comparative International Governance

    Dr. Aurelia Frick, RA

    Based in: Vaduz

Sectoral Governance FELLOWS

  • Women on the BoD

    Dr. Christine Wetli

    Based in:

  • Hospital Governance

    Dr. med. Dr. oec. Doris Benz

    Based in:

  • Media Governance

    Prof. Dr. Lucy Küng

    Based in:

  • Law Firm Governance

    Prof. Dr. Leo Staub

    Based in:

  • Consulting Governance

    Dr. Marcel Thom

    Based in:

  • Cooperative Governance

    Dr. Mischa Eckart

    Based in:

  • Transport & Tourism Governance

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger

    Based in:

  • Retail / Wholesale / Distribution Governance

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Simon Corsten

    Based in:

  • Hospitality Governance

    Patrick Vogler

    Based in:

  • Educational Governance

    Patrick Hilb

    Based in:

  • Entrepreneurial Governance

    Prof. Dr. Thierry Voléry

    Based in:

  • International FMCG Companies‘ Governance

    Roland Decorvet

    Based in:

  • Governance of Private Equity Portfolio Companies  

    Dr. Alexander Krebs

    Based in:

  • Governance of High-Growth Companies

    Dr. Peter Crow

    Based in: (New Zealand)

  • Private Equity Fund Governance

    Dr. sc., Dr. oec. Vic Uberoi

    Based in:

  • Governance of the Asset Management Industry

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Gruenbichler

    Based in:

  • Bank Governance

    Dr. Julia Ramlogan

    Based in:

  • Insurance Company Governance

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs

    Based in:

  • Pension Fund Governance

    Dr. Magne Orgland

    Based in:

  • Family Business Governance

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Zellweger

    Based in:

  • Familyness and SME Governance

    Dr. Corinne Mühlebach

    Based in:

  • Family Office Governance

    Dr. Christian-Titus Klaiber 

    Based in:

  • Family Boards & Councils

    RA Dr. Sonja Kissling

    Based in:

  • Public Governance

    Dr. Martin Gutmann

    Based in:

  • University Governance

    Prof. em. Dr. mult. h.c. Rolf Dubs

    Based in:

  • Governance of privatized former state owned companies

    Dr. Bao Toan Tran

    Based in:

  • Governance of Philantropic Institutions

    Peter Cavelti

    Based in: (Toronto/Canada)

  • NGO Governance

    Alois Zwinggi

    Based in:

  • Governance of Humanitarian Organisations

    Prof. Jürg Kesselring, MD

    Based in:

Functional Governance FELLOWS

  • Governance of Collective Values

    Prof. Thomas J. Donaldson PhD

    Based in:

  • Governance Research

    Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok

    Based in:

  • Entrepreneurial Governance

    Hermann Arnold

    Based in:

  • Role of an Effective Chair

    Prof. David Beatty

    Based in:

  • Corporate Secretary (C.G. Officer) / Compliance

    Dr. Christian Wind

    Based in:

  • Future Trends in Corporate Governance

    Prof. Bob Garratt

    Based in:

  • Responsible Board Leadership

    Dr. Colina Frisch

    Based in:

  • Governance of International Leadership Effectiveness 

    Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari

    Based in:

  • Governance of Technology and Innovation

    Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann

    Based in:

  • Innovation Governance

    Prof. Dr. Simon Grand

    Based in:

  • Governance and Organisational Culture

    Prof. Gayle Avery

    Based in:

  • Change Direction & Control

    Prof. Dr. Michael Shamiyeh

    Based in:

  • Boardroom Processes

    Prof. Dr. Morten Huse

    Based in:

  • Board Diversity

    Dr. Christoph Maier

    Based in:

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Dr. Anina Hille

    Based in:

  • Governance of DisAbility Policies & Practices

    Prof. Dr. Nils Jent

    Based in:

  • BoD and Crisis Management

    Dr. Reto Mueller

    Based in:

  • Governance of Digital Risks

    Dr. Maya Bundt

    Based in:

  • Governance of Digitalzation

    Prof. Dr. Andrea Back

    Based in:

  • Governance of Digital Startups

    Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik

    Based in:

  • Corporate Law and Governance of Digitization 

    Prof. Dr. Florian Moeslein

    Based in:

  • Governance of Cyber Security 

    Prof. Dr. Laura Georg

    Based in:

  • IT R&D Governance

    Dr. Hans Bärfuss

    Based in:

  • IT Governance & IT Project Governance

    Prof. Dr. Robert Winter

    Based in:

  • Project Governance

    Prof. Dr. Peter Rohner

    Based in:

  • Mobile Governance

    Joachim Schoss

    Based in: