Board Mandates

Board Mandates is an offering that matches organizations looking for qualified board members with experienced, qualified, and well-suited board leaders.

The Board Foundation maintains a comprehensive database of qualified and experienced directors. This database includes individuals who are members of the Swiss Institute of Directors, graduates of the Swiss Board School, and members of the Female Board Pool who have undergone professional development programs, demonstrating their commitment to continuous learning and best governance practices.

For Candidates

Prepare for your board mandates: The Swiss Board School offers a comprehensive set of programs that will prepare you to be an effective board member and reflect on your role as a value creator.

State your profile and interest: As an individual member of the Swiss Institute of Directors and holder of the Swiss Board Passport, you have the opportunity to enter your profile in the Board Network and present your experience and competencies as well as your interests and preferences in the largest board database in Switzerland. All publicly advertised board positions and those made available to us are published in the Board Network.

For Organizations

Plan your board succession: We help organizations develop board succession plans as part of our Board Audit services to ensure a continuous pipeline of capable board members. This includes identifying future board needs and advising on leadership development and board training.

Post board vacancies: You are invited to post open board positions in the Board Network, the largest database of qualified board members in Switzerland. You can either register with your name or anonymously, in which case we will forward all applications to you. As an independent player, we are not involved in the selection process but offer you a valuable channel to make promising board members aware of your opportunities.


Board Mandates

Other Services

  • Board Pass

    The Board Pass offers several benefits to its holders. It is made available to active board members who demonstrate a strong commitment to development.

  • Board Network

    The Board Network is the digital platform that facilitates communication, collaboration, and information sharing among board leaders.

  • Board Tools

    Board Tools is an ever-growing collection of documents, frameworks, and checklists that support the implementation of effective corporate governance practices.

  • Board Audit

    The Board Audit is a systematic and comprehensive assessment of a board's performance and functioning with the goal of promoting board effectiveness.