Board Audit

The Board Audit is a systematic and comprehensive assessment of a board's performance and functioning with the goal of promoting board effectiveness.

The Board Audit examines various aspects, including the composition of the board of directors, its independence, the diversity of its members, the effectiveness of board committees, decision-making processes, communication within the board and with management, and compliance with corporate governance principles and best practices. It involves a combination of self-assessment surveys, interviews, and external facilitation to gather feedback and insights from board members and relevant stakeholders. The findings inform the development of action plans to improve board performance, strengthen governance practices, and align board activities with the organization’s strategic goals.

We offer three versions of the Board Audit:

  • Board Audit Easy: With Board Audit Easy, you can conduct and evaluate a comprehensive board survey yourself.
  • Board Audit Expert: With this version, your results are additionally commented by proven corporate governance experts.
  • Board Audit Workshop: In this version, we organize the survey for you, prepare the evaluations and conduct a board and management workshop to discuss the results and derive an action plan.


Board Audit

Other Services

  • Board Pass

    The Board Pass offers several benefits to its holders. It is made available to active board members who demonstrate a strong commitment to development.

  • Board Network

    The Board Network is the digital platform that facilitates communication, collaboration, and information sharing among board leaders.

  • Board Mandates

    Board Mandates is an offering that matches organizations looking for qualified board members with experienced, qualified, and well-suited board leaders.

  • Board Tools

    Board Tools is an ever-growing collection of documents, frameworks, and checklists that support the implementation of effective corporate governance practices.