Unleash your Power as a Board Leader

Effective board members need tools and support to be successful. With our Swiss Board Pass, we offer access to a whole range of services, be it the Board Network, our digital platform, Board Mandates, the listing of open board positions, Board Tools, a collection of templates and checklists, or Board Audits, our board evaluation services.

  • Board Pass

    The Board Pass offers several benefits to its holders. It is made available to active board members who demonstrate a strong commitment to development.

  • Board Network

    The Board Network is the digital platform that facilitates communication, collaboration, and information sharing among board leaders.

  • Board Mandates

    Board Mandates is an offering that matches organizations looking for qualified board members with experienced, qualified, and well-suited board leaders.

  • Board Tools

    Board Tools is an ever-growing collection of documents, frameworks, and checklists that support the implementation of effective corporate governance practices.

  • Board Audit

    The Board Audit is a systematic and comprehensive assessment of a board's performance and functioning with the goal of promoting board effectiveness.

Empowering Board Leaders

Benefit from the full power of the combined offerings of the Swiss Board School, the Swiss Institute of Directors, and the International Center for Corporate Governance.


Equip yourself with the skills needed to become an even more effective board chair, member, or secretary. Benefit from a broad range of education programs and a knowledge base that combines best board practices with educational excellence.


Nurture your network and share ideas with other board leaders facing the same opportunities and challenges. Develop your board portfolio by identifying, assessing, and pursuing opportunities for open board positions.


Gain insights into the latest regulatory developments and academic research in corporate governance. Stay ahead of the curve by learning about upcoming trends and developments so you can truly add value to your boards.