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We are committed to excellence in corporate governance that leads to positive outcomes for individuals, organizations, and society.


Enhance your board skills by participating in programs from the leading provider of board education in Switzerland for over 20 years, and benefit from a faculty that combines practical board experience with academic excellence.


Connect with your fellow board leaders to share best corporate governance practices and explore board opportunities at one of the events hosted by Switzerland’s leading board network with more than 2000 members.


Benefit from a range of services to help you develop your board portfolio and become an even more effective board chair, member, or secretary by drawing on tools, templates and advice developed by our international pool of experts.


Stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in corporate governance by reading, watching, and listening to insights from our experts and partners who are guided by a mission to turn knowledge into impact.

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Our Institutions

Find out how the three institutions of the Board Foundation empower board leaders through development programs, network opportunities, and insights.


Founded in 2003, the Swiss Board School (SBS) is the leading provider of board training and development programs in Switzerland, closely working together with its Education Partners from the University of Geneva, Lausanne, St.Gallen, and Svizzera italiana.


Founded in 2014, the Swiss Institute of Directors (SIoD) is the leading network of corporate directors in Switzerland and the Swiss representative of the European Confederation of Directors‘ Associations (ecoDa) and of the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI).


Founded in 2003, the International Center for Corporate Governance (ICCG) is a global network of more than 100 regional, sectoral, and functional governance Fellows who conduct interdisciplinary research and practice projects to advance the understanding and application of corporate governance.

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Our Programs

Expose yourself to the latest trends in corporate governance and learn what it takes to be an effective board director or corporate governance professional together with fellow board leaders and a faculty that combines real-world board experience with academic excellence.
  • VR-Diplom-Programm 24.1

    Stattet Sie mit umfassendem Verständnis und praktischen Werkzeugen zur effektiven Ausübung eines Verwaltungsrats-Mandats aus.

      Dauer 6 Halbtage
      Sprache Deutsch
      Standort(e) Zürich-Flughafen
      Kosten CHF 7'750
    • International Board Certificate Program 24

      Enables you to become an effective board director in international companies and organizations.

      • 15.3.2024 - 30.11.2024open
      Duration 16 days
      Language English
      Location(s) Lausanne, Lucerne, St.Gallen, Spiez (Berne), Rüschlikon (Zurich)
      Costs CHF 19’500
    • VR-Zertifikats-Programm 24.1

      Befähigt Sie als Verwaltungsrätin und Verwaltungsrat einen effektiven Beitrag zur wirksamen Führung und Aufsicht von Unternehmen und Organisationen zu leisten.

        Dauer 16 Tage
        Sprache Deutsch
        Standort(e) Bern, Lenzerheide, Luzern, St.Gallen und Weggis
        Kosten CHF 19’500
      • Public Corporate Governance 24

        Vermittelt fundiertes Wissen zu Wirksamer Führung und Aufsicht von öffentlichen Unternehmen

        • 27.8.2024open
        Dauer 1 Tag
        Sprache Deutsch
        Standort(e) Zürich-Flughafen
        Kosten CHF 750
      • Cooperative Governance 24

        Vermittelt fundierte Ansätze und Werkzeuge zur wirksamen Führung und Aufsicht von Genossenschaften.

        • 19.3.2024open
        Dauer 1 Tag
        Sprache Deutsch
        Standort(e) Zürich-Flughafen
        Kosten CHF 750
      • Führung eines VR-Mandats 24

        Vermittelt fundiertes Wissen zur effektiven Ausübung eines Verwaltungsrats-Mandats

        • 26.6.2024open
        Dauer 1 Tag
        Sprache Deutsch
        Standort(e) Zürich-Flughafen
        Kosten CHF 750
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      Our Initiatives


      Chapter Zero Switzerland

      Chapter Zero Switzerland focuses on promoting climate change awareness and action among board leaders in Switzerland. It provides a platform for peer exchange, offering guidance on integrating climate considerations into board governance.


      Female Board Pool

      The Female Board Pool is aimed at promoting gender diversity and increasing the representation of women on corporate boards. It offers a network of highly qualified female professionals who are interested in serving as board members.



      ro:bo:ards focuses on the role of data and artificial intelligence in corporate governance. The initiative aims at empowering boards to harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to create economic, social, and technological value.