Board Pass

The Board Pass offers several benefits to its holders. It is made available to active board members who demonstrate a strong commitment to development.

The Swiss Board Pass serves as a means of recognition and social connection within the community. Members are invited to network and socialize with like-minded individuals and attend exclusive events. The pass acts as an invitation to these events and allows members to establish connections and build relationships with other pass holders.

Additionally, the Swiss Board Pass provides access to educational programs, workshops, and seminars tailored to the interests and professional development of its members. These opportunities foster personal growth, expand knowledge, and enhance corporate governance capabilities.

Swiss Board Pass holders can also apply for the European or Global Board Pass, which gives them privileged access to the European and global partner associations of the Swiss Institute of Directors (SIoD).


Board Pass

Other Services

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    The Board Network is the digital platform that facilitates communication, collaboration, and information sharing among board leaders.

  • Board Mandates

    Board Mandates is an offering that matches organizations looking for qualified board members with experienced, qualified, and well-suited board leaders.

  • Board Tools

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  • Board Audit

    The Board Audit is a systematic and comprehensive assessment of a board's performance and functioning with the goal of promoting board effectiveness.