Custom Board Programs

Custom board programs are tailored to the specific characteristics and functions of a particular board and provide board members with comprehensive knowledge and skills. The main objective of the customized development programs is to provide participants with the necessary expertise to effectively manage and control the respective company or organization.

The Swiss Board School can draw on a large pool of qualified board members and trainers to assemble a team that is not only highly experienced in corporate governance and board matters, but also knowledgeable about the industry and markets in which you operate. For international assignments, the Swiss Board School works with its international partner institutions to match you with the most relevant experts.

The development of customized programs for board members always begins with a deep understanding of the opportunity and challenge at hand and a shared understanding of the desired outcome. The program structure reflects the unique needs of the company or organization. It is at the board’s discretion whether they prefer a short training session or seek board transformation support over a longer period of time.

Empowering Board Leaders

Benefit from the full power of the combined offerings of the Swiss Board School, the Swiss Institute of Directors, and the International Center for Corporate Governance.


Equip yourself with the skills needed to become an even more effective board chair, member, or secretary. Benefit from a broad range of education programs and a knowledge base that combines best board practices with educational excellence.


Nurture your network and share ideas with other board leaders facing the same opportunities and challenges. Develop your board portfolio by identifying, assessing, and pursuing opportunities for open board positions.


Gain insights into the latest regulatory developments and academic research in corporate governance. Stay ahead of the curve by learning about upcoming trends and developments so you can truly add value to your boards.