Successful Graduation of the Swiss Board Certificate Cohort 22/23

37 graduates have successfully completed the one-year Board Certificate Program of the Swiss Board School in collaboration with IMP-HSG with the degrees Swiss Board Certificate and VR-CAS. At a festive graduation ceremony at the Würth Haus on the shores of Lake Constance on June 8, 2023, keynote speaker Valentin Vogt, board member of Bucher, Göhner, and Kistler, paid tribute to the graduates and the important role that Boards of Directors play in Switzerland. Michael Hilb, Chair of the Board Foundation, congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to act as entrepreneurial board members. Musical performances by Nicolas Senn rounded off the festive ceremony.

Congratulations to the successful graduates (in alphabetic order):

Andreas U. Lanz

Arnold Lang

Beat Conrad

Caroline Meli

Christian Kaufmann

Christian Wolf

Christina Müller-Halin

Christoph Breinlinger

Christoph Hammer

Daniela Maack

Dirk Stahl

Emilie Neukom

Eveline Erne

Felix Weber

Flurina Stöckli

Francesco Ferranti

Guido Schmidt

Irene Wyss

Iris Wietlisbach

Laurence Kubli

Lorenz Klöti

Marco Righetti

Marco Vaghi

Mario Grubenmann

Martin Simioni

Michael A. Kuhn

Oliver Zippe

Paul Zähner

Philipp Martens

Rebekka Hatzung

Sabine Heller

Thomas Nigg

Thomas Scheffler

Tobias Herren

Ugur Bastas

Urs Schluechter

Yves Bührer