Changes in Leadership at the Board Foundation

Martin Hilb, founder of the International Board Foundation and its Swiss Board School and the Swiss Institute of Directors has decided to step down as Academic Director of the Swiss Board School as of June 30, 2023 and as President of the Swiss Institute of Directors and Delegate of the Board Foundation as of December 31, 2023.

Martin Hilb is appointed Honorary Chairman of the SIoD Board of Governors and continues to serve as Managing Partner of the International Center for Corporate Governance and the International Female Board Pool.

Michael Hilb, Chair of the Board Foundation, is appointed as his successor.

Martin Hilb has played a key role in shaping the development of corporate governance in Switzerland. In 2003, for example, he founded the Swiss Board School, which became the leading board training institute. He also founded what is now Switzerland’s leading network of board members, the Swiss Institute of Directors, the Swiss representative in the international (GNDI) and European (ecoDa) association of board institutes. With the foundation of the Female Board Pool, Martin Hilb was a pioneer in the promotion of women on boards of directors, for which he was awarded the prize of the Wirtschaftsfrauen Schweiz.