Board Tools

Board Tools is an ever-growing collection of documents, frameworks, and checklists that support the implementation of effective corporate governance practices.

The toolbox includes a variety of documents and templates that can be customized to meet an organization’s specific needs. They cover areas such as board charters, committee charters, governance policies, and guidelines for director roles and responsibilities. In addition, the toolbox provides guidance on shareholder engagement, stakeholder management, and sustainability reporting.

While some tools and templates are available to anyone, access to most of the toolbox is limited to the members of our board networks. Join the leading network of board leaders in Switzerland to get access to all the tools.


Board Tools

Other Services

  • Board Pass

    The Board Pass offers several benefits to its holders. It is made available to active board members who demonstrate a strong commitment to development.

  • Board Network

    The Board Network is the digital platform that facilitates communication, collaboration, and information sharing among board leaders.

  • Board Mandates

    Board Mandates is an offering that matches organizations looking for qualified board members with experienced, qualified, and well-suited board leaders.

  • Board Audit

    The Board Audit is a systematic and comprehensive assessment of a board's performance and functioning with the goal of promoting board effectiveness.