Isabelle Chapuis

Isabelle serves as a National Councilor in the Swiss Parliament and is a member of the Security Commission. Additionally, she lectures on HR and foresight at HES-SO and for various clients, holds a board position at MIDUCA SA (a Migros Group entity), and is a co-founder of the foresight association Her roles span legislative efforts, educational leadership, and corporate governance, with a focus on foresight and integrating technology into society and education.

Boasting 18 years of leadership experience at the University of Lausanne’s HEC Lausanne faculty, Isabelle is recognized for her expertise in education and the future of work.

Holding a degree from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Isabelle’s academic and professional journeys offer profound insights into the impact of artificial intelligence on employment and the critical need for strategic foresight in technological trends.



Chapuis Isabelle
Isabelle Chapuis

Lecturer, Swiss Board School