Idée Coopérative

Idée Coopérative is a cooperative initiative that focuses on promoting and supporting cooperative entrepreneurship and social innovation. It aims to foster the growth and development of cooperatives as a sustainable and inclusive business model. Idée Coopérative provides resources, training, and networking opportunities to individuals and organizations interested in cooperative ventures. Through its activities, it encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices among cooperatives. Idée Coopérative plays a vital role in raising awareness about the cooperative movement and its positive impact on communities and the economy.

Idée Coopérative is an Education Partner of the Swiss Board School for its cooperative governance programs.

Idée Coopérative


  • Cooperative Governance 25

    Vermittelt fundierte Ansätze und Werkzeuge zur wirksamen Führung und Aufsicht von Genossenschaften.

    • 18.3.2025open
    Dauer 1 Tag
    Sprache Deutsch
    Standort(e) Zürich-Flughafen
    Investition CHF 750