Board Foundation Partners with ECGI to Foster the Exchange of Governance Theory and Practice

The Board Foundation is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the European Corporate Governance Institute’s (ECGI) Blog, underlining its shared commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation in corporate governance.

The ECGI Blog is an important platform for professionals and academics alike to engage with the latest research, commentary, and analysis on corporate governance issues. With the support of the Board Foundation, this platform will continue to evolve and provide even greater value to readers. Readers can look forward to a wide range of perspectives and expert opinions based on the latest research and practical experience.

The sponsorship underlines the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing for the global advancement of governance standards. By joining forces, the ECGI and the Board Foundation aim to stimulate meaningful discussion, drive positive change, and ultimately contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of organizations worldwide.

Explore the ECGI Blog.